The Psychological Progress Centre is a member of the National Appropriate Adult Network Home - National Appropriate Adult Network.  The National Appropriate Adult Network (NAAN) is the national membership body supporting and representing organisations delivering appropriate adult services in England and Wales.

Our Appropriate Adult service provides professional and trained individuals to Police stations to support the legal processes involving children and vulnerable adults.

Appropriate Adults safeguard the rights, welfare, and effective participation of children and vulnerable adults who are detained &/or being interviewed by the police.

The role of the Appropriate Adult is not to provide legal advice but to offer impartial support and be a friendly face in the absence of a family member or carer to people who may be feeling frightened, bewildered, and confused in an unfamiliar situation.

In England and Wales, police must call an appropriate adult whenever they detain or interview a child (under the age of 18) or vulnerable adult.

They must be present for a range of police processes:

As detailed in the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) Codes of Practice, primarily Code C. Pace Code C (Revised) ( 

Being an Appropriate Adult is a challenging, fulfilling, and often rewarding role. You don’t need previous knowledge of legal procedures or social work.  All sorts of people become Appropriate Adults and bring different skills to the teams. The one thing each of them has in common is an excellent ability to communicate and a willingness to donate their free time to help others.

Interested in Volunteering as an Appropriate Adult?  

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