How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment by emailing us at TPPCentre@outlook.com 

We can arrange a convenient, yet flexible date and time for our sessions to take place

What is your cancellation policy?

If any of our service users encounter an emergency, then please do not hesitate to call to rearrange, we will always endeavour to accommodate your needs.  We at TPPC completely understand that our service users may need to cancel or rearrange at times and this is completely understandable.  In these instances, we would request service users contact us 48 hours beforehand.  In the event that sessions are not cancelled within the 48-hour notice period then service users would incur a 50% charge for the missed session. 

How do I pay?

An agreement and a payment form will be sent to you prior to our first contact session, we can go through the contract together if needed.  This way we can ensure that you are satisfied with the terms of our sessions and most importantly, happy with the investment you are making in yourself.

We request that all payments should be made at a minimum of 24hrs before our arranged sessions.

How many sessions will I need?

This question is entirely at your discretion, our services will always be led by our users :).

How long is each session?

We offer numerous options for the length of our sessions.  The most popular choice is our 45-minute sessions.  However, we are not limited to this.  For TPPC it is all about what best suits our service users.

What are your qualifications?

MSc (Forensic Psychology)

Pg Cert - Social and Psychological Inquiry

BSc Hons (Psychology)

DIMAP (Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology)

MHW (Mental Health Wellbeing Diploma)  

CBT Coach/Practitioner (CTAA)

Meditation Teacher/Practitioner (CTAA)

Professional Addictions Counselling

Universal Treatment Curriculum for Substance Use Disorders (Drug Advisory Programme of the Columbo Plan)

Attachment-Led Theory and Practice for Parental Alienation (CAFTT)

Parental Alienation Training Course for Family Counselors/Family Law Attorneys (NCAPA)

DICSA (Diploma in Counselling Sexual Abuse)

DPC (Diploma Professional Counselling)

Solution-Based Counsellor Practitioner Training (CTAA)

NLP and Life Coaching Practitioner

EFT/TFT Master Practitioner (CTAA)

DHH (Diploma Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis)

Who are you accredited with?

We are registered practitioner members of Addiction Professionals, Addiction Professionals is a voluntary registration body and network for the addictions sector.  'AP' has a growing and diverse membership of practitioners working in the addictions sector, including behavioural addictions.  In addition to this, we are also registered members of The International Society of Substance Use Professionals, The International Association Of Therapists (IAOTH), and the British Psychological Society.